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Brand Name
Model Number: KG2201-D
Support APP: No
Channel: 1
Frequency: 433 MHz
Wireless Communication
: RF
Working Voltage: AC85-260V
Remote switch type: Wall Switch Remote Control
Default power ON status
Amperage Capacity: 10A
Load of incandescent lamp: < 1000W
Installation Method
: Surface-Mounted
Coding method: EV1527 Learning type
Remote control distance: 10-30m
Load of fluorescent/LED lamp: < 500W
switch size: 90*40*20 (mm)

Material: Plastic 
Color: White
Working Voltage: DC 12V 27A Battery (not include)
Working Frequency: 433MHz 
IC Chip: EV1527 
Remote control distance: 10-30m 
Working Current: 20-25mA
Transmitter: 85×85×11mm/3.35×3.35×0.43in
86 panel wall remote transmitter with 1/2/3 button optional 
A panel 86 wall transmitter that can be stuck onto anywhere. 


- Compatible any lamps like halogen/incandescent/CFL/fluorescent/LED 
- 433mhz, transmission distance 300 feet outdoor, 100 feet indoor 
- Voltage range AC85-265v, standard 10 amp, max resistive load 16 amp 
- Encrypted connection, no signal interferences between switches 
Switch is water resistance, 20 years lifetime
Learning method: press the receiver code button twice, the LED indicator flashes 2 times, Press the remote control button after the LED indicator lights up, and the receiver LED indicates flashes continuously 3 times, learning successfully.
Total ON total OFF learning method: press the receiver button 3 times, the LED indicator flashes 3 times, and after the LED indicator lights up, press the remote control button for total ON, wait for the receiver LED indicator Continuously flash 3 times, then press the remote control key for total OFF. When the receiver LED indicator flashes 3 times continuously, the learning pairing is successful.

Clearing function: Press the receiver button 8 times. The LED indicator flashes 8 times. At this time, the LED indicator will automatically flash 5 times continuously. The clearing is completed, and all the remote controllers that have been paired before are cleared.

Package included:

1 x KTNNKG Wireless Light Switch
1 x Remote Transmitter

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