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High quality, suitable for a variety of remote control matching.
Learn button and led: there are 2 independent channels. each channel has independent learn button s1, s2 and l1, l2.
Power input selector: this receiver can work at ac/dc 12v~30v. however, it’s better to change the pis according to the power input.
If the input is great than 24V, shorten pin 2&3; shorten 1&2 if input less than 24V.
Mini Size, can work with 400 codes.
It don’t interference other remotes and receivers,and 2 independent relays

Material: Plastic
Size: 5.3cm*4cm*2cm(L*W*H)
Main Color: White
Type: Garage Door Receiver
Multi Frequency: 300-868Mhz
Compatible Model: Rolling Code & Fixed Code
Brand Selector: With 8 Dip Switches User Can Make Different Combination For Different Remote Brands.

For Nice Flors (433.92MHz)
For Marantec (433.92MHz)
For Universal Fixe Code/ Codigo Fijo (433.92MHz)
For Faacslh Rolling Code (433.92MHz)
For Liftmaster (433.92MHz)
For Universal Rolling Code (433.92MHz)
For Codigo Fijo (300.00MHz)
For Codigo Fijo (300.00MHz / 315.00MHz / 318.00MHz / 330.00MHz / 390.00MHz)
For Rollingcode Fixe Code(315.00MHz)
For Gojcm (868MHz)
For Liftmaster Rollingcode Billioncode (390.00MHz)
For Liftmaster Rollingcode (315.00MHz / 868.00MHz)
For Clemsa Matercode (433MHz)
For Hormann Marantec Berner (868.00MHz)
For Faacslh (868.00MHz)
For Prastel (433.00MHz)
For Sommer (868.00MHz / 43334MHz)
For Chamberlain/Lliftmaster/Motorlift:94330E,94333E,94334E,94335E-old,
For Liftmaster/Chamberlain/Motorlift:4330E,4332E,4333E,4335E,4330EML,4332EML,4333EML,4335EML
For Homentry PS94331,HE4331

Program the remote steps:
1. First, select the correct brand for remote that will be entry (by dip switch).
2. Press the learning button 1 or 2, the corresponding LED turns on.
3. Press the button on the remote, the led 1 or led 2 flashes4 times, the remote button is learned successfully.

How to delete code:
Press and hold either learn button. The LED will start flash. Keep this button pressed, until the LED will turn off.
All saved data in the memory card will be erased permanently and can not be recovered

Package Included:
1 X Receiver
1 X Instruction Manual


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