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Product Description

Name:Wireless Receiver module
1.Operating voltage (V): DC5V
2.Quiescent current (mA): 4.5MA
3.Modulation: AM (OOK)
4.Working temperature: -10 ℃ ~ +70 ℃
5.Receiver sensitivity (dBm): -105DB
6.Operating frequency (MHz): 315/433 MHz
7.Output signal: TTL, four channel output
8.Encoding method: pad code (fixed code)
9.Size (L*W*H): 41 * 23mm
10.Working way:M4 (jog),L4 (interlock),T4 (self-locking)
11.Decoding format:2272,2262 etc
12.Applications: wireless remote control switch, remote control socket, data transmission, remote control toys,
burglar alarm host, garage door, roll gate, road gate, retractable door, etc.

Pin Description:

1.VT output status indication
2.D3 data output
3.D2 data output
4.D1 data output
5.D0 data output
6.5V power supply positive
7.GND power supply negative
8.ANT connected to the antenna
Package included:

1 x Wireless Receiver module

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