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Features :
Input voltage range, small size, high reliability, electronmagnetic compatibility, efficiency, protection function, with remote control to open door, electric lock on the temperature (As compared with the frequency power) greatly reduced.
Specification :
Material: Plastic + Aluminum alloy
Color: Multi Colors
Magnetic lock bearing weight: 280kg
Keyfob Detection distance: Within 3cm
Door Bell Battery Required: 2x AAA Batteries(Battery not included)
Exit Button Size: (L)X(W) 86X86mm /3.39''X3.39''(appr.)
Access Controller Size: (L)X(W)X(H) 115X75X20mm /4.53''X2.95''X0.79"(appr.)
Power Supply Control Size: (L)X(W)X(H) 120X95X38mm /4.72"X3.74"X1.5"(appr.)
Suitable for: Wooden door, metal door, fireproof door, glass door wrapped edge

Power Supply Control
Input voltage: 110v-240v AC
Input Frequency: 50-60Hz
Output voltage: DC 12V
Output Current: 3A
Output voltage trim range: ±10%~±15%
Load: 1% typical
Output stability: 0.5% typical
Ripple and noise: 1%, peak to peak(100mVpp typical)
Insulation voltage:
- Junior/sub-polar inter-1500V AC
- primary shell between 1500V AC
- sub-polar/ shell between 500V AC
Hold Time: Full load typically 20ms
Operating temperature: -20 to +65℃
Overload protection: All outputs in a shourt circuit, overload are protected
Power output of 0-15 seconds delay locks
Attention: Then lectronically controlled lock must be transferred to 0 seconds delay, to prevent burning of electric locks

Access Controller
Operating voltage: DC 12V±10%
Operating current: < 100mA
Operating temperature: 0℃ to 60℃
Storage: 1000users
Card type: EM(standard) /Mifare(optional)
Reading distance: 1-5CM

Daily use and status tips
1. The Daily Use
- Swipes the card open: the card is fast approaching the card area of the gate
- Password: enter the password, then press #
- Card + password: swipe first, then enter the password, then press #

2. Status Prompt:
- Standby status: slow flash (2 seconds in 2 seconds)
- Lock status: the green light is bright
- Brush valid card (or valid password) : a short one, green light
- Brush invalid card (or invalid password) : short 3 sound, red light slow flash

How to reset to Factory Programming Password (123456)
Step1, Turn off power and connect OPEN and GND terminal. Turn on power then there is 3 long beeps with green and red light flashing alternately.
Step2, Turn off power, disconnect OPEN and GND terminal. Turn on power again. Initializing Programming Password is completed.
All password can be 3~6 digits.

★ Authentication Mode for Card & PIN function
Setp1, When Authentication Mode is [Card or PIN] (factory default), according to the step 3.4 to configure the PIN of the card.
Setp2, Press [# Programming Password # 603 #] to configure Authentication Mode to be [Card & PIN].
Setp3, Swipe user’s card with green light fast flash then input [PIN #] with green light normally ON, the door opened successfully.

Door open function description:
When the credit card or password is normally opened, press the 7, 9 digit key to keep the door open. When the door is always open, only once the credit card, password, or the door button is opened again, the exit is always open.

Package includeds :
1 x Access Controller
1 x Power Supply
1 x Door Bell
1 x Exit Button
1 x Magnetic Lock
10 x Key FOB
1 x Magnetic Lock Sticker
1 x Set Of Pin Cable
1 x Set Of Screws
1 x English User Manual

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